Webhook Get data returns null!

Hello again! :slight_smile: im trying to extract data from the webhook, only now i realize is not updating from! Somethgn wrong with sintaxes? (the Corretor part, red)

ill reply myself because i could figure out and maybe somebody needs in the future!

[ ] are the key to everything in n8n i guess! hahaha


one question, can i use a expression like this? Sometimes this webhook does not return the data i want or the node simply does not catch!
{{$node[‘Webhook1’].json.body.source.data.first_name || $node[‘HTTP Request’].json.assignee.first_name}}

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Hi @Fernanda_Silva

Do you mean the spintax?

You can simply place the expression like this. This way even if one value is available it gets executed! Please note that one value will be shown and another will be undefined. Make sure you don’t leave any space between expressions.

{{$node['Webhook1'].json.body.source.data.first_name}}{{$node['HTTP Request'].json.assignee.first_name}}

thank you! did not know it was that simple… :grin: thanks again


You’re welcome.

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