Webhook node - Header Autho

Hey guys,

I’m trying to make webhook node work on Loyverse, but I have not succeeded so far. The test workflow is working, but not the production.

I did some researches and realized I needed to put the workflow in action. Do I need to have Header Auth to actually run the workflow? Thanks in advance.

Hey @semighoti,

That looks like it has ran fine, what issue are you actually seeing and is there more to your workflow than just that webhook trigger? The problem could be where you have the response set to immediately rather than from last node.

At the moment though it doesn’t look like there are any errors. To use header Auth you would just need to add a header to your request that contains the auth value you set.

I am still having a same problem

let me explain what I got.

  1. I go to Integromat and create a Webhooks node. Integromat asks me to send the test data from Loyverse to determine structure of the output data. I go to Loyverse and send the test notification, it went through.
  • Then I run the Webhook on Integromat; and then I create a new receipt on Loyverse, and the Webhook pulls the newest receipt data (receipt_number : 1-1076)
  1. Do the same thing with Webhook node on n8n with production URL, I then send the test notification from Loyverse, and it went through, but no data pulls out from the Webhook node. (the earlier data I provided was from the test URL, not the production URL).
  • Then I run the Webhook on n8n; and then I create a new receipt on Loyverse, and the Webhook does not pull any data from Loyverse. ( I also sent the test notification from loyverse, and it went through)

hope my explanation clear.

I am still not sure what the issue is, looking at your screenshot from n8n I can see receipt number 2-1008 so it must be working.

If you look at your data in n8n everything you want is under Body, you could use the items list node to extract just that to make it easier.

It is worth noting that when enabled you won’t see the webhook data in the ui for production webhooks.

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Thanks @Jon for the answer, let me give it another try.

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