Webhook on server not working but working locally

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When I run n8n locally on my pc with tunnel on it allows me to receive trigger events from click up. However when I run n8n on my raspberry pi on tunnel mode then connect to it through my main computer using the port. N8n works fine for everything except receiving webhook events (webhook url from server pi: https://scrnnb1ap4yroju9inh4esba.hooks.n8n.cloud/webhook-test/dc7f6b8f-cca3-4815-a542-3a229a1b18d8/webhook).

What is the error message (if any)?

When I try opening the url it gives me a 504 time out error.

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Hey @Stifling1488, I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

Unfortunately, I was not able to reproduce this based on your description, but if you’re simply trying to send webhooks inside your local network you can simply replace the tunnel URL with the IP or hostname + port of your machine. So instead of https://scrnnb1ap4yroju9inh4esba.hooks.n8n.cloud/webhook-test/dc7f6b8f-cca3-4815-a542-3a229a1b18d8/webhook, you could try http://RASPI:5678/webhook-test/dc7f6b8f-cca3-4815-a542-3a229a1b18d8/webhook.