Website to PDF conversion problem with pdfshift

Hello, I have a problem with the pdfshift tool. Indeed the return I have is a pdf but it cannot be opened. Here is the doc and my configuration:

Hey @simon_Piquemal,

What do you mean when you say it can’t be opened? I know it is a fairly odd question to ask but is it the viewer in n8n that is failing or does it fail when you have you downloaded the file?

The first thing I would do is download the file and pop it open in a text editor or use something fileinfo to see if it is actually a PDF.

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In fact the file is a .pdf but when I download it it is only a few bytes long and the pdf editor does not recognize it.

after if you know native solution in n8n or api that converts correctly a site in pdf I am taker. Because I have not found a good solution for the moment. here is the site I am trying to convert to pdf:
It is a site hosted on firebase with json data linked with n8n. So at each operation I inject the new json which generates a new page. Then I would like to convert it to pdf via an api to send it back on notion

Only a few bytes long is interesting it sounds like the service is not correctly doing the conversion. Does PDFShift log anything?

You could try something like I Love PDF or OneSimpleAPI and see if they are any different for you.

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unfortunately the node one simple api is broken. It does not show me the download

Well I think I find a temporary solution, I will probably build a hosted version a little later. I’m looking at the json data and sending them to firestore, problem it can read, delete but not push the data. Any idea to solve the problem ?

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I found it thanks to the error message. But I think it would need some documentation on it. :grinning:

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