White screen in the app

Hey there!

I keep on getting a ‘white screen’ in the desktop windows app. https://i.imgur.com/PsGeJD8.jpeg

I’ve recently installed it via the link on the site, and didn’t edit anything in the config things.

I can’t seem to fix the white screen.

Hi @justin - welcome to the community :tada:

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this!

Could you try these troubleshooting steps and report back?


How to open it via the command line? @EmeraldHerald

Tried it, same result. White screen stays (See link, https://i.imgur.com/jrSAnrS.jpeg)

@justin sorry to hear that! Could you try letting the app run for a few minutes (even if it is just on the white screen), and then manually visiting http://localhost:5679/ in your browser and seeing if there’s any result?

Also pinging @ivov as he built the app, and might have some additional knowledge on troubleshooting steps.

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It still, doesn’t seem to work.


Hi @justin - unfortunately we wouldn’t have a fix for this, nor would one be on the horizon. As posted just a little bit ago we’re sunsetting the desktop app, so development resources won’t be allotted to it for these kinds of fixes.

What I can suggest instead is to take a peek at n8n cloud or self-hosting n8n. Cloud would be an easy, quick-start option for you!

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