Why isn't there an option for sequential routing?

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From straight line A > B > C/same route it is sequential, but if there are more routes, it zigs zags, which breaks many potential workflows.

Hi @nmt, n8n offers a variety of options for building workflows beyond a straight line. Could you elaborate a bit on which problem you are facing and provide the information requested in the template when posting a new question?



My workflow is the following:

I have opened another thread because that is another solution.

But basically I want to read data from Airtable fields, upload them to S3, get the root folder and send it through a webhook in integromat for it to be processed and after a small wait period continue to finish this up. The problem I had was receiving 8 output items so I send 8 http requests to Integromat instead of 1 with the folder name and that is it. So I tried trimming and opened the other thread, the other thing is to just put the http request on a separate route:

But n8n does not process items in a sequential route after route basis, it just zigs zags through every route simultaneously from node to node, so this is also not possible.