Windows desktop app sets virus alerts into overdrive

The bug is:

(Not sure if this should be emailed directly but will pop it here until advised otherwise.)

I use all OS’s but one of my daily drivers is Windows so I’d love to use the Windows app. Unfortunately, the installation set off multiple virus alerts and was self-contained. Could be false positives but before releasing it from containment, I thought it wise to check if this has had much thought (as all of the threads I’ve found are referring to other install methods and not the exe version from the link below?)

On a related note, the Windows exe is not showing on the main ‘Get Started’ page (as only Apple is showing,) so am I right in assuming the availability of the Windows app may possibly be paused due to similar bugs?

My use case:

Using the windows app.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Many users rely on that OS.

Any resources to support this?

Are you willing to work on this?


Hi @binvius, the Get Started page would offer the Windows app as a default when visiting with a Windows machine:

As for the antivirus alert I have just checked the desktop installation package with VirusTotal, a meta scanner running it through several different engines. The result is available here, all engines identified the file as safe. Can you confirm which anti virus tool exactly you were using and which warning you got?

We have only just found some time to look at this again, so sorry for the delay.

We are not seeing the Windows logo you see in any browser such as Firefox, Chrome, etc. That’s what would have caused the initial confusion:

Anyway, we have ignored the false-negatives of our virus software and have it all installed and working.

Thanks very much for your help.