Wix collections as webhooks is it possible?

Hi, new to n8n. Been reading, researching, testing, but there is no topic on WIX. Is it possible? I have a custom collection that is a basically a form. Wix doesn’t provide an automation to make collection updates into webhooks, so I am looking for a workaround.

Did anyone have any success with wix and n8n?

Using cloud n8n, latest.

Hey @blueberry,

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Does the Wix form support posting to a webhook? If you can can send the data to a webhook it should be all good.

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Hey @Jon,

As I understand right now, the way one sets up a webhook in wix is through wix automation. But unfortunately a collection is not in the list to select. But if I build a custom app through their dev paltform there are permissions I can set for collections and a webhook (before I switched too n8n I tried make, and they had this long setup in the dev app interface to get to the collection, but I never managed to get it right). That dev app thing is one level too advanced for me to understand at the moment. Was hoping someone got wix and n8n working somehow for this problem, but I was surprised there are no discussion at all in the community, no examples I could try.

Is there a node for OAuth connection?
Wix provides App ID, App Secret I have to provide a Redirect URL. Any pointers where to start?

Through trial and error and a lot of research I found one workaround. It requires to setup a .js file in the backend in wix, and in there adding the webhook address from n8n.

Here is the code:


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