Wordpress CLI

Has there been any scope to expand the wordpress node?

Specifically looking for deeper WP functionality and if possible a WP CLI

Hey @Dwayne_Taylor,
there is an upcoming release to support post template option. If you want to use WP Cli you could try using our Execute Command Node to run shell commands on the host machine.

  • What functionality are you missing?
  • You could also extend our implementation yourself and make a pull request.

i do all my worpdress stuff via http node and use the wordpress api. The existing wordpress node is far to basic for me to be able to use.

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More or less trying to get the team to have similar functionality as they do in integromat without having to think.

So largely the wp api and woocommerce api.

Wp mode at the moment doesn’t allow for custom post types, taxonomies or anything special.

Its the specialised websites where you would actually use n8n, simple sites which is currently covered would not use automation.

As for wp cli, this is for more complex sites again which i try to do from cli

Ie my use case runs x5 faster with lower server load / resources when ran from cli

Ie find posts with xyz criteria, find all related media, build array of media posts and parent posts
Delete child posts than parent posts

I have this arvo built a ssh connection to build my commands but my team nor clients whom we handover to would think of that method, and would freak of maintaining as they fear ssh.

There are already a lot of seperate wordpress feature requests. I found these:

This is what make.com (integromat) currently supports

@MutedJam @Jon
What would be the best way to bump up these requests internally?

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What would be the best way to bump up these requests internally?

Probably convincing @Nivb_6 this is important :wink:

@Nivb_6 this is important :wink:

What would be nice for any nodes that are not fully fleshed out, is to allow us to make our own custom API queries as part of that node, but sort of it allows us to build it out as we go in the GUI and it all gets saved in that node if that makes sense?