Worker Health Check - k8s deployment

Hi, I’m currently trying to find a way to provide a health check for the workers, so that unhealthy workers get automatically shutted down by the k8s cluster.

Unlike the main node and the webhook nodes, there’s no exposed HTTP endpoint for a worker. I also can’t find any obvious commands that I could execute in the container to check if it is healthy.

Any suggestions here?


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Hi @Paolo_Rechia

I’m not much familiar with the k8s cluster. But n8n has a built-in endpoint to check the health.

It’s /healthz


Also, Looking at the Kubernetes documentation, Can you try this?


Thanks for the reply.

The issue is that when you start the container with worker argument, it doesn’t expose a HTTP endpoint.

I’m following this documentation: Scaling n8n | Docs

How you know this? Is some endpoints list or sth like that? I am not super familiar with n8n API but I am going to make auto backup (I saw some endpoints return workflows) maybe I could use this endpoint or/and some other what I don’t knot about yet

Welcome to the community @Paolo_Rechia!

A PR got opened which will allow to optionally enable health checks:

We will try to merge it soon.

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Got released with [email protected]


Thanks, @jan !

We’ll give it a try soon.