Workflow Dependency Warnings/Tracking/Graphing

The idea is:

Provide users info about dependencies due to the “Execute Workflow” node. For example maybe something like:

  • An option when viewing a flow “Display dependent workflows”
  • A warning when deleting a workflow “There are ___ active workflows that currently execut this flow”
  • A dependncy digraph view showing a map of which flows depend on which other flows

My use case:

It’d help to generate documentation of complex flows. It’d reduce risk of changes accidentally affecting live flows.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

It’d reduce risk of changes accidentally affecting live flows.

Any resources to support this?

viz.js could generate a chart showing dependencies.

Are you willing to work on this?

hello @jzrts

As of now you can get that info from the DB with the query like:

w.wf_nodes->>'name' as ExecFunctionName,
w.wf_nodes->'parameters'->>'workflowId' as executedWF
from (
	select id,name,active,json_array_elements(nodes) as wf_nodes
	from workflow_entity
) w
where w.wf_nodes->>'type' = 'n8n-nodes-base.executeWorkflow' AND = true
order by id asc
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This is helpful, thanks!

Another related suggestion: a button or link in the Execute Workflow node to pop open the workflow dependecy would be convenient. It’d help navigate throw the actual execution flow.