Workflow just hangs

I currently am using the n8n node to get all workflows, move binary data node to go from json to binary, and then uploading it to google drive. Everything seems to go through, but it just hangs at the very end (after uploading to google drive). if i stop the workflow, a message: Workflow finished executing. It completed before it could be stopped.

Any idea to what could be happening here?

Hey @edrow,

It looks like you removed the template, Can you complete the below so that we know more about your setup?

    n8n version:
    Database (default: SQLite):
    n8n EXECUTIONS_PROCESS setting (default: own, main):
    Running n8n via (Docker, npm, n8n cloud, desktop app):
    Operating system:

Sorry about that.

n8n: 1.1.1

db: postgres

n8n executoins process: n8n node (getAll), move binary data node (json to binary), google drive (upload file)

Running n8n via (Caprover)

OS: ubuntu: jammy jellyfish

I also notice that no matter whatever workflow (active or not) I open, edit/no edit, close, and then re-open, it shows connection lost. when i close n re-login, no connection lost message (even when going into workflows). It’s just when I go back into it after, it shows up.

Hey @edrow,

Connection Lost normally means there is a config issue or the workflow has crashed, Have you checked the n8n logs to see if there is any error? I suspect you could be hitting a memory limit.

So it looks like it’s waiting…

2023-08-10T02:19:27.278Z | debug | Wait tracker querying database for waiting executions “{ file: ‘WaitTracker.js’, function: ‘getWaitingExecutions’ }”

Also checked ram usage and there’s still about 99% free (32gb).

Issue resolved. I’m using Caprover and it turns out I had to change a couple of settings. Thank you very much for your time!

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Hey @edrow,

Which settings did you have change? Was it for websockets maybe?

Yes…i actually had to re-enable it again. Disabled it at one point to resolve another issue and a config change. Since that resolved the issue, i left it at that.

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