Wrike integration


It would be nice to have an integration with Wrike’s API. It is a widely used project management software, and integrations are available in other notorious automation tools like zapier, automate.io and integromat.

Thanks for making this awesome tool available as open source software.


@simone-pignotti welcome to the community.

Can you please tell us what functionality you would require exactly? Just to be sure that if this node gets created it does already what you need it to do.

Thank you Ricardo!

I believe the 3 essential actions, in order of priority, would be:

  1. Create a task
  2. Create a folder/project (they are kind of the same thing in Wrike)
  3. Add a comment in a folder/project/task (much lower priority afaic)

For task creation, the parameters could be:

  • Title
  • Description (optionally supporting both plain text and HTML)
  • The parent folder [default: root of personal space]
  • Assignee [default: leave unassigned (or self-assign?)]

For folder/project creation, same as task but no assignee.

For comments, the only strict requirements would be the comment’s text and the folder/project/task to send the comment to, although Zapier has a smart logic for that (comment folder by default, unless task is selected by either ID or name; using name, the task is automatically created if one with the given name does not exist in the given folder).

Example usage:

  • Create task from reaction to Slack message
  • Create project from new Git issues
  • Add comment to project from Email tag

Hope that helps!