Write Binary File node to have a SKIP download option if same name/size

The idea is:

Write Binary File node should have the option to Skip writing the file if the file already exists with the same name and size

My use case:

I was downloading 9000 files from HTTP Request node that grabbed these 9000 file links and using Split into Batches node to loop then and using Write Binary File node to download them, and for some reasons, this task stopped at the middle for a broken link or stopped by mistake, then I have to start this task all over again, and the Write Binary File node is overwritten files by default.
And I think other people have more cases that needed this feature!

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Adding more options to Write Binary File node to skip similar files with the same name/size will help a lot

I like the idea, Rather than base it on the filename and size though using the file hash is probably a better idea.

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That’s also great, using file hashs
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