XSLT/XSD processor or command line tool

Hey n8n-folks!

It would be great to have a node or a CLI possiblity to run XSLT transforms. Against Binary files or Input data in the node itself. There should be a possibility to upload/set an XSLT template and the input (binary file/input prop) and receive the transformed output or handle the error accordingly.

I don’t know any good tools in the Node.js space for that but it would make a great addition to the tool set of n8n.

Regards Sebastian

So I stepped into this on my own for now and what I came up with was the following but I think it really needs a better way:

  1. I installed Java (I am running n8n-ubuntu docker) via apt install default-jre
  2. From http://saxon.sourceforge.net I got the saxon 9 HE processor as a JAR
  3. I unzipped the saxon archive to ~/.n8n/saxon-he/ to have it available after updating the container (still I’d need to reinstall java inside the container but that is manageable)
  4. XSLT files are provided via another directory in application directory
  5. calls to the processor are made via the Execute Command node e.g.
java -jar /root/.n8n/saxon-he/saxon9he.jar /data/<source-xml-file>.xml /root/.n8n/xslt/<xslt-file>.xslt

Depending on the workflow I am saving the XML to a file on disk and process it via the CLI. The transformed XML is put to STDOUT or file according to the option provided to the command.