2FA - n8n cloud [GOT CREATED]

Hello @RicardoE105,
Do you have any news about the status of 2FA ? is it considered a priority ?
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Yes, this is actually in the works and is considered a priority.


Any updates on this?

Hey @timautomation,

When it is released the PR above will be merged :slight_smile: we are still working on it and it is still a priority.

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I recommend supporting Yubikeys. Is MFA planned for self-hosted or should we be looking to secure the installation using Teleport or Authelia?

Take a look

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+1 here! Running prod client workflows now with sensitive data being piped through… assumed 2FA was a possibility and now see it isn’t :see_no_evil: yikes!! Surprised here

This is a deal breaker for us. Perhaps the easiest way to go about this would be to allow people to sign in delegating authN through Oauth2/OIDC, so that everyone can use whatever MFA they have with their Identity provider.

I wanted to give a quick update here as I appreciate how important of a security feature this is.

In order to get MFA onto n8n cloud, we’ve ID’d some some preparatory work that we have to do (related to auth, that will allow for us to roll out MFA afterwards). I’ve just finished design of that body of work, so I expect that we’ll start implementing that imminently.

Afterwards, we should be able to implement MFA on cloud. As a designer, I can’t give you an ETA but I do want to underscore that this thread isn’t falling on deaf ears and we are working on it; it’s not just sitting in some backlog.

Thank you for your patience :pray:


Hey everyone,

thanks for waiting so patiently. 2FA is finally coming to Cloud soon. We’re currently adding the last touches to it, to make sure it’s working as intended.


Correct me if I’m wrong, this has NOT been released yet, right?

Hey @ChristianO_O,

I wasn’t sure myself so just checked my cloud account and it isn’t an option for me, Maybe @Niklas_Hatje can share more infomration on when this may be coming for Cloud users.

Yes, it’s not released yet. It should arrive early next week though :slight_smile:

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Woah. My hero. What incredible timing!!

Hey everyone, 2FA has finally arrived to Cloud. You will get it in your next upgrade to a higher version (needs to minimum 1.11). If you’re on 1.11 you still to update one more time, as it only applies during the upgrade process.

Thanks everyone, let me know how you find the feature :slight_smile: