A nice dashboard for the home screen

Currently, when I navigate to my n8n server, I am forwarded to the /workflow route. I rarely go to n8n to create a new workflow. I am more likely to go there to adjust existing ones, see why something didn’t trigger, etc.

The idea is to create a new route for the index page which (instead of redirecting to create a new workflow) shows an overview of my n8n world.

From the top of my head, some things that would be useful to me would be:

  • A list of the workflows, perhaps ordered by most recent execution time.
  • A way to quickly see if a workflow had an error and a call to action to jump in to debug.
  • A list of Credentials

It could also be used to latest news or tips from n8n.

Hey Andrew (& others who voted for this feature)

I just built a dashboard that I think meets a lot of what you were looking for! It’s using a tool called Coda so it’s not directly through the n8n UI itself, but I think it’s even better because it allows you to customize it to show whatever you want - sorting and filtering executions and workflows is all included, as well as the obvious workflow controls.

Feel free to check it out (it’s free for everyone right now) and lmk what you think: The n8n Dashboard

I wrote a longer post about it here, but if you open up the doc above I think it’ll tell you all you need to know :slight_smile: I spent a lot of time documenting and making sure it’s easy to use for anyone getting started.

I haven’t included the list of credentials yet, but that is definitely something I could add in the future if it’s part of the n8n public API.

Here are some pics of what’s inside: