A text replace node

For me, it links back to this question

But it would be handy to have a text replace node, that can take the text of the previous node and manipulate it however need, be that via a regex and delete, or match text and replace etc.

For now you can use script code (javascript) and replace text.

Or you can try out my pull request (warning its not complete finished, but i use it myself and it works)


yeah i know about that .replace etc, but if you look at the thread, sometimes its not that simple for all of us.

Therefore I have developed the TextManipulation node.
It is currently far from perfect and needs a complete clean up.
Since I didn’t have much time lately and also didn’t use n8n actively (due to private reasons) a lot of things fell by the wayside.
In addition, I would like to wait with the further development, because I do not know exactly whether this node fits into n8n at all, since this already has a complexity size.
Here is a small screenshot of how it would currently look.