Add Values (Variables) to HTTP Request Node

As best I can tell, In the HTTP Request node, in order to use variables in expressions for URL’s and query parameters, you have to put a SET node in front of the HTTP node.

I would propose that in addition to the other options we have in the HTTP request node, that the ability to add Value key pairs inside the HTTP node, so that we can use expressions that use information inside the node.

This would allow us to build self-contained request nodes with their own variable expressions, more similar to other services like zapier and integromat.

Loving N8N by the way, thanks to every contributor!

Welcome to the community @wsargent

Glad that you like the project.

What you describe is currently possible. You can add key/value pairs in for querystrins, body, and headers. And, you can use expressions in the values to reference data from another nodes.

Thanks Richard!

Actually, I know you can use the expressions to reference values from the other nodes and I’m doing that now using a “set” node in from of the HTTP node, but what I want to do is set a string value in the HTTP request node, that is not a Option, Body, Header, or Query parameter (because it wouldn’t be a valid option to send).

So just a value that isn’t sent, and then self-refence that value in an expression inside the same HTTP node.

Basically an internal “setting” that isn’t part of the request unless it’s included as an expression.

An Example would be inside the HTTP Node:
SheetID : “1234556”

Then make an expression in the URL parameter to insert that value in a bigger string: (forgive my syntax here, I know it’s not valid)
Request URL is : “{{node.sheetID}}/sheetinfo”
Where the node.sheetID comes from a “self” value.

This way I am not adding a set node just to set that value, and rather can copy the HTTP Request node, change the one value inside that then changes the URL, without editing the actual URL everytime.

Get’s it more user friendly for reusing this node when you have variables you don’t want to actually send on their own. Just a thought on something I have been dealing with. Thanks Again!