AI BETA sluggish

Using the docker version on the same hardware and setup i have always used, however since the last couple of updates using the AI BETA the entire n8n has been very sluggish with the CPU usage at a constant 25% the entire time, even at idle.

Anyone else noticed this?

Hi @RedPacketSec, unfortunately I don’t have any idea what might cause this in your case. Are you running the latest version of the image? Can you confirm how exactly you’re running n8n and how you have measure the CPU load?

@oleg do you know if there is anything in the ai-beta image that would explain why n8n eats up 25% of CPU resources, even when not executing any workflows?

@RedPacketSec Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with the ai-beta image. I’m not aware of anything that might be causing this, especially if you’re not running any workflow and the container is idle.
As Tom said, it would help to get more details about your environment and which version(SHA) of the image are you running.

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