Always output Nothing or Expression

The idea is:

Always output NO data. Under options, to tell a node to always output an empty array. Or to customize a specific array for it to always output. like [] or [{“run”:“complete”}] or an expression like [$node(“othernode”).[data][important]]

My use case:

Sometimes I have a node which needs to fire anonymously. I also need to access some of that data downstream, or know that it fired. But… I DO NOT need the next node to fire again just because it ran. Or I have a different node which has the ideal set of items or I have something else in place to fire the next node.

In all these cases the one thing I do not want is the return data screwing up my workflow.

So for now I include a merge node and pass only the first input, or a code block and rewrite the output data etc.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Because it makes working with N8N more intuitive and removes the need for annoying merge-wait-pass_input_1 nodes.