Anyone running n8n successfully with Google Cloud Run?

I am trying to get n8n working with Google Cloud Run.
Used to deploy the container.

Environment vars are:

N8N_HOST = n8n-service-**
N8N_PROTOCOL = https
N8N_PORT = 5678
VUE_APP_URL_BASE_API = https://n8n-service-**
WEBHOOK_TUNNEL_URL = https://n8n-service-**

Google Cloud Run specific config:

Container Port 5678

The server comes up just fine. However, I get a connection lost notice in the top right corner - Server connection could not be established.
The server is down or there is a connection problem.
It will reconnect automatically as soon as the backend can be reached

Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 12.58.43 pm

Any idea what I might be doing wrong here?

Welcome to the community @Avro_Ahmed!

Here another topic about Cloud Run:

The problem is that the push connection which works via EventSource can not be established. Here some topics which talk about the same:

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