Arranging workflows in folders

I agree with @systemaddict. For production use with many workflows the flat structure is a no go.

Arranging workflows inside folders is a must feature.

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wow, i was looking for that,
ok TAGs are doing kinda good but with Folder or Groups that include a set of workflows will be great

+1 vote yes please

Tags are more flexible than folders, so I vote for keeping and/or extending the tags capabilities.

Tag feature requests:

  1. In workflows overview, show/hide workflows with one or more tags. That way if I have 100 workflows, I can quickly see the 10 that have a particular tag

  2. In workflows overview, a way add/remove a tag from multiple workflows at once.

  3. For enterprise customers, some kind of rights management tied to tags.


I strongly believe that tags and folders are two very different features that cater to different needs. Even though your point of enhancing the tagging feature is completely valid and I agree with it, it doesn’t mean folders aren’t a must.

Feel free to make a new forum topic about this though, I’m also interested in a more polished usage of tags on workflows.

I know this isn’t the most productive way of saying this, but the lack of folders really, quite frankly, upsets me.

Every time I go to my workflows they’re a mess. Does the sort even stay the same? I’m pretty sure it defaults to sort by last updated.

I don’t know how there aren’t more comments on this, but I’d imagine for every 1 comment, there are probably 25 people thinking it but are too lazy to post here.

Unless it totally cripples the infrastructure, plz PLZ give a folder option.

I have multiple clients and the tagging system is not for my use case.

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Totally agree. The lack of folders is so counter productive when you have many workflows. Tag system is not a replacement. Tags are used to group workflows which have common things in mind. With tags you can see all the workflows in what ever folder they exist BUT folders must implement in one way or another.

Agreed with the many folks above. Having Folders would be a great plus!

If a dev want to contribute, I started looking into it with a chrome extension, here.

I’d be interested, since this question has been asked since Aug 2020 – Maybe someone from n8n can chime in as to if this is even on the roadmap, or if there is some reason or something that would potentially cause instability to the automations or something?

Hi there,

I build a very basic folder feature for my own custom use, if some of you are interested I could share it.

Here is what it currently looks like:



Dude what?! you just… built the thing?

Hello @n8n are you there? :slight_smile:

Please PLEASE share!

Please share. What witchcraft is this. Really like. @n8n please take a look!

@romainmnd that looks amazing! I’d be very interested in the code :slight_smile:

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Hi Nik :wink:

For sure, I will clean out a bit my branch and open a PR on your public repo.



I’m gonna be honest, I have no idea what that means. but i’ll figure it out and do whatever I need to do.

Amazing stuff, Romain! Thanks so much for doing this — we’d really appreciate that PR :grinning:


The idea would be that we bring this to standard n8n so that you would not need to do any separate installation :crossed_fingers:


So hype. Let us know the PR name when you push! I would love to implement this in the ai-beta branch too.

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This functionality would be really nice.