Authorize to tweet on behalf of user

I am trying to create a SaaS app with n8n doing some of the workflow automation at the backend and it’s based on twitter engagements.

Therefore, I was looking at a way to authorize an User via a “Sign In to Twitter” like option for the “twitter” node. This is needed for the app to tweet on behalf of the user.

Is this possible?

Hi @ronykris, this is unfortunately a bit outside of the current n8n scope. Authorization happens during the credentials creation process, so you’d need to guide every user for which you want to Tweet through the process of creating Twitter credentials in n8n.

Hey @ronykris,

To add to what @MutedJam mentioned, you will have to handle the authentication yourself. Here’s a similar post to yours: Use n8n to create a Hubspot app others can install?

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Thank you for the response.

Thank you for the hubspot pointer.

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