Automate on users' behalf (user at third-party organization)

The main thing I was curious about was whether you’re able to use n8n to orchestrate things on behalf of users outside of your organization.

Update Salesforce on their behalf
Could a user authenticate a Salesforce integration and us use n8n in the background to trigger actions within Salesforce on their behalf. i.e. they log into our application and have authenticated Salesforce. They then perform an action in our application we update records in Salesforce on their behalf.

Email on their behalf
They sign up to our service, authenticate their Gmail account and, with their permission, can send emails from their Gmail account on their behalf

I’ve seen responses about authorizing to tweet on behalf of a user but it’s a few years old and am not sure if the solution applies to the example use cases above

Hi @Daniel_Cintra, welcome to the community!

This keeps coming up regularly, but I don’t think it ever made it onto our roadmap. Perhaps @sirdavidoff from our product team can share some background on this?

I’ve also converted this question into a feature request so you and other users can vote on seeing this implemented going forward.

Hi @sirdavidoff @MutedJam just checking in to see if you had any thoughts on this.


Hey @Daniel_Cintra,

Technically you can do this, You would need to do some magic to get the credentials into n8n from your own page but it is possible. You would also need to have an embed agreement or enterprise license as you would be using it for a third party organisation, Would be worth emailing our license team to find out what options are avaialble to you.

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