Autostart 'n8n --tunnel' on RaspberryPi

How autostart ‘n8n --tunnel’ on a raspberryPi?
What i have to do to set the argument --tunnel for autostart n8n?
Autostart n8n without the argument ‘–tunnel’ works.
I use following script in ‘/etc/init.d/’

Maybe you can do it via docker?


If I understood correctly. You have installed n8n as NPM Package.

So the command would be

n8n start --tunnel
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Thank’s for your answer.
I know the command tu start n8n with tunnel.
But what i have to do, that RaspberryPi autostart ‘n8n with tunnel’ after restart.

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Hey @UweG,

Have you tried adding the tunnel option to your start command in your init script? Assuming your script is working so in your init.d path and you have ran update-rc.d it should then do the job.

If I was doing it the way you have though I probably would have opted for the systemd approach as it is the preferred method now for most Linux distros that I have used.

On my Pi though I use the docker option which makes it a lot easier.

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