BUG: After update can't see executions anymore

Hello, I was in version 0.199.0 (two versions behind the current version).

After updating to the last version: 0.202.1

I can’t see the executions anymore!!

It shows a spinning that loads infinite and nothing shows up:

It happens with every workflow and all the executions.


If someone needs to downgrade:

docker pull n8nio/n8n:0.199.0 (use the needed version)


image: n8nio/n8n:0.199.0

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Hello @yukyo
I am sorry to hear that you cannot see any of your executions anymore.
Before we dig deeper into the problem, is there a chance to go back to 0.202.1 and check are there any errors in your browser console when you switch to the Executions tab?

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Hi @milorad.

I upgraded again to the last version, and the problem is still there:

I hope it helps.

Thanks @yukyo that certainly helps.
Since I am unable to reproduce it still, can I ask you for one more thing? Can you click on on the link in the error (the one labeled companion-bubble.js:1465) as send me the screenshot of the part of the code it takes you to?

This one:

Hey guys I have similar experience after upgrading to 0.202.0 or 0.202.1, although with 0.201.0 everything works fine.

The execution data doesn’t load with the newest version and I need to login to n8n every time I open the editor.

Console log

Error points to

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Hi @yukyo,
sorry for not getting back I was waiting for your follow up on my latest post.
That error message points to the companion-bubble library which, to my best knowledge, is not part of n8n. Could it be that some of the browser extensions that you are using is causing problems?
There is also this thread that seems familiar to this problem.

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I can confirm that we are able to reproduce this internally. Hopefully we’ll have a quck fix. Thanks for reporting.

Hey all,

So far it seems that the cause is gone with the newest update [email protected] or 0.203.1


@milorad, I can also confirm that it is working now with the last version on my side. I downgraded one more time to the issued version 0.202.1, and again was not working, so something in that version is causing the issue…

Now it seems to work with the last version 0.203.1

However, if it helps, I still see the console log error:


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