The trigger is not working. Authentication error is being sent back by It only uses an API key and I’ve double checked it many times. Calendly has been making changes to their API and I suspect the calendly trigger node may need to be updated with new urls and such. Anyone experience this? Do we know who to reach out to regarding this?

@nicodemusjls Welcome to the community.

Yes, indeed. We are using the old API but it does not seems to be deprecated. What is the error you are getting exactly?


I have a zapier zap using a calendly trigger successfully using only the API key, so that seems like confirmation their APIv1 is still working. I also have a n8n webhook trigger working in my n8n instance, so it seems my instance is working out well. The error also appears on the surface to be based on an actual response from, so I’m thinking the auth attempt is actually reaching them.
I am new to n8n, so I’m not exactly sure how precise these n8n messages are yet.
Any insight is appreciated.

Hey @nicodemusjls!

I tried the Calendly Trigger node, and it is working fine for me.

I copied the API key from their integrations page and pasted it in n8n. I then saved the workflow, so that the webhook id gets registered. To test it manually, I clicked on the Execute Node button, and it ran successfully for me.

Can please walk me through the process of how you’re added the node?

Yeah. It’s a very simple setup…in theory. I’ve been doing exactly as you described.
With your confirmation that it’s currently working exactly as intended, it suggests an issue on my end with my n8n implementation. Maybe I’ll try the non-docker install.

@harshil1712 Your mention of ‘webhook id gets registered’ gave me the clue I needed. I hadn’t been thinking of the fact that this prebuilt trigger was sending the webhook url to calendly .com. I had used the quick start docker setup which was setting the webhook with a ‘localhost’ domain. For my other triggers, I was always setting the webhook manually in the external tool and correcting the url to my publicly available domain name. I’ve since installed n8n using the full install method and set the webhook url correctly. Connection to calendly .com is now working.
Thanks, All!


I am glad that it works now.

Have fun! :slightly_smiling_face: