Call in node Code to a Google Sheets Row

Good morning community, how are you?!

I wanted to ask you how I can call the “Code” node to a google sheets but to a specific column, I was reading the information of the node, but I have not succeeded. In my case, in the scoring variable I need to call a specific column where it has a number.

Thank you!!

Hi @Internalit_Automatio, I am well, hope you too?

I assume you already have a Google Sheets node in your workflow and simply want to process the data it returns?

If you want to use the Code node for this, the below could do the job:

I’ve mostly kept your code logic here and simply added the new expressions from this list.

Because I am using else if after the first if I don’t need to define the lower boundaries for each range. With my pseudo-data, the result looks like so:

Hope this helps!


Hi @MutedJam !!!

Yesssss, it worked for me!!! Thank you very much for always answering questions and always an excellent disposition!! Have a great week and a happy new year!

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Awesome, glad to hear. Have a happy new year as well!

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