Can a single workflow perform multiple executions at the same time?

When a workflow is being executed in production mode, can its trigger accept another call? Or one has to duplicate the workflow several times to handle all possible calls for sure?

Hey @artildo,

I was playing around with the Twitter stream API which sends out data in almost-realtime. I hooked it up with a webhook node and I was getting all the data sent by the Twitter API. There might be some delay (unless you’re using workers and have changed the execution processor). But otherwise, in my experiment, the nodes were able to handle multiple requests.

My tests with a long-operating recognition telegram bot also were able to handle several requests. But i’m not sure if this is a universal rule.

I read, that Integromat is not able to handle several requests at the same time and thus needs duplicating the workflow.

With the tests that I ran, I got the expected results. I am not sure what goes behind the scenes. Maybe @jan can share some more information.

Do you have this workflow published somewhere that I could re-use or take a look at?

Yes, it is no problem at all from the n8n side. The only limitation would be RAM and CPU. To however make sure that it can handle as many requests as possible with the minimum amount of resources you should run n8n in main mode.

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