Changing the Server file in cli

Hey there, hope you’re doing great!

I made a little change in /cli/src/Server.ts and built it with npm run build command.
But I don’t see my change!
Even I put a console.log line in “export async function start()” function in Server.ts and strangely I don’t this log in terminal !!

What is my mistake? Is there any other way to build the cli?


How do you start n8n?

Npm run start (from root)

hm very strange. Then it should work.

Did you check if it builds it correctly? So if you look in the packages/cli/dist directory is there your console.log?

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Thanks @jan, Removing dist and building again and also remove one line of my code did the trick.
I have another important question but I create a topic for it, It might be useful for others.

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Happy to hear! Have fun!

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