[Clickup node] Set assignee (via Task - Update - Add Assignees) always fails

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When using Clickup - Task - Update - Add Assignees, constantly receiving errors. Pretty close to
Clickup Node Assignee on task creation through expression and Clickup node assignee.

Stupid Clickup API, they took different arguments types for the same parameter in different calls (for some calls assignees is array of ints, sometimes its just a string, sometimes its array of strings).

It took me a while, but I’ve managed to get it to work, so its not quite a question, but rather a note on how to solve this issue.

Please share your workflow

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So the correct expression to set the assignee is below, as this call accepts a string (or array of strings)

{{ ($('Split In Batches').item.json["Assignee id"]).toString() }}

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