Clickup node assignee

Assignee works if you select through the interface, but if you insert the id from a variable, it crashes with an error:

Because assignees it’s an array. How are you setting the expression?

I tried different options. When you select Assignee all works, after that you press Add Expression - there automatically appears the ID of the selected person - it turns out there is a string, but after that the same error





Can you share (paste here) the expression you are using in the Assignees parameter?

This is just the text you see in the screenshots above

Ahh, that’s not the expression. That is what the expression resolves to.

It should look like:


But it work on other cases and nodes

Yes, because in other cases, the fields expect one value. In this case, an array of values is expected. If you share the expression with me, I can adjust it for you.

@maxbaluev were you able to solve the problem?