Hi n8n lovers…:heart:
I have a problem using workflow.

In my case, When I start using docker, It is going well…

But… In, I got a message Error: connect ETIMEDOUT

What I tried

  • change Connect Timeout from 10000 to 50000
  • make new Credential
  • make new workflow(use same credential)
  • instance setting change n8n version 0.114.0 to 0.115.0

if someone can help, please reply thank you!

Hey @Alfie_Kim :wave:

Welcome to the community!

Can you please answer the below questions so that I can understand the issue better :slight_smile:

Were you running the docker on the same server as your MySQL database? Is your MySQL server running behind a firewall? If yes, that might be preventing it to connect to You would have to whitelist the IP of

First Question is Yes. I was running the docker on the same server.

MySQL server is running behind a firewall. As you told me, I’m trying to whitelist the IP of n8n cloud.

It’s hard for me to find how to whitelist the IP of Can you explain me about this?

Hey @Alfie_Kim,

The process of how to whitelist an IP depends on the server you’re using. I would suggest you to go through their documentation to learn how you can whitelist an IP address.


hello harshil, thanks for helping out.

I’m running mysql node on n8n cloud and having the same error (connect ETIMEDOUT) even after I whitelisted IP. Is there something else I can try?

just fyi - I’m @Alfie_Kim 's friend and we working on the same project.

Getting same error with Postgres Node

Hey @Paddy_Pohare,

Can you open a new topic and complete the template a lot has changed in n8n over the last 2 years.