Create a new workflow?

Is it possible to create a new workflow from within an existing one?

For example:

Webhook triggers a workflow that creates a new one based on a name passed by the webhook. The new workflow starts with a Webhook node that has the Path populated dynamically with data from the original webhook data?


Hey @seank1968 :wave:

Unfortunately, you can’t create a new workflow dynamically. But this seems to be a nice feature that I would like to see as well! I am changing this post to a feature request. Please upvote and share more details. This would help the team understand the use case better and prioritize the development.

That’s great thanks!

I currently have a workflow that updates a Google Sheet from a form on a website - there will be multiple pages on the site (different people’s profiles) what will all need to link to different Sheets so I will need a workflow per user/page. Currently I am manually creating a new Sheet and then copying the workflow and editing the nodes - Webhook (new path), Google Sheets (Sheet ID) and a Set Node (redirect URL back to the user profile page)

What I would like to do is use a webhook to trigger the creation of the new sheet and create an edited version of the Workflow - the data passed on by the webhook from the site would be a randomly generated string for the new Webhook path and the return page URL.

I have a workflow that creates a new Google Sheet and that can then pass the Sheet ID onto the new node that would be creating the new workflow - as well as the webhook path and return URL.

Hope that makes sense!

Many thanks