Create workflows programmatically

Hey there community!

Was searching through the forums and discussing on the discord server, and a Feature where the user could create a workflow programmatically, as well as setting it active, over an API, would be very nice to see.

A use case where this is almost required, is when creating new trigger nodes for a multi-site wordpress installation, where each sub-site is a different node in n8n. Right now, to add new nodes, it must be made manually, as it’s not possible to setup a new sub-site and create a new workflow over an API.

So basically, when the Use case involves setting up a unique workflow separately, the only way to do it right now seems to be using the cli.

I found this discussion, as well as this, but they’re not quite what I am thinking of when I opened this topic.

A possible workaround involves using the terminal cli, however as more workflows and complexity scales, I am freighted by what it may look like when there’s thousands of workflows running and being created…

Would be nice to see other use cases where this is required :smiley: