Create node

Is it possible to create automatically create a set node with predefined parameters?

I have this data json structure extracted, I need to insert my info in the “string” fields in order to be able to create the HTTP resquest I want.

Is there a way to quickly import the parameters and be able to change just the “string” fields?
Or do I need to manually insert the parameters in a set node?

    "soap:Envelope": {
      "xmlns:xsi": "",
      "xmlns:xsd": "",
      "xmlns:soap": "",
      "soap:Body": {
        "RegistarExpedicao4": {
          "xmlns": "",
          "username": "string",
          "password": "string",
          "expedicao": {
            "Conta": "string",
            "OrigemMoradaNome": "string",
            "OrigemMoradaLinha1": "string",
            "OrigemMoradaLinha2": "string",
            "OrigemMoradaCodigoPostal": "string",
            "OrigemMoradaLocalidade": "string",
            "OrigemMoradaPais": "string",
            "OrigemTelefone": "string",
            "OrigemTelemovel": "string",
            "OrigemFax": "string",
            "OrigemEmail": "string",
            "OrigemContactoNome": "string",
            "OrigemContactoTelefone": "string",
            "OrigemContactoTelemovel": "string",
            "OrigemContactoEmail": "string",
            "TipoDestino": "string",
            "DestinoLojaId": "string",
            "DestinoMoradaNome": "string",
            "DestinoMoradaLinha1": "string",
            "DestinoMoradaLinha2": "string",
            "DestinoMoradaCodigoPostal": "string",
            "DestinoMoradaLocalidade": "string",
            "DestinoMoradaPais": "string",
            "DestinoTelefone": "string",
            "DestinoTelemovel": "string",
            "DestinoFax": "string",
            "DestinoEmail": "string",
            "DestinoContactoNome": "string",
            "DestinoContactoTelefone": "string",
            "DestinoContactoTelemovel": "string",
            "DestinoContactoEmail": "string",
            "DestinoLojaAlternativaId": "string",
            "DestinoLojaAlternativaNomeReceptor": "string",
            "DestinoLojaAlternativaEmailReceptor": "string",
            "DestinoLojaAlternativaTelemovelReceptor": "string",
            "ObservacoesLinha1": "string",
            "ObservacoesLinha2": "string",
            "Peso": "string",
            "Referencia": "string",
            "ValorCOD": "string",
            "DataExpedicao": "string",
            "EnviarEtiquetasEmail": "string",
            "NumeroVolumes": "string",
            "Predict": "string"
          "tipoResposta": "string",
          "enviarEmail": "string",
          "email": "string",
          "tipoEtiqueta": "string",
          "pdfResponse": "string",
          "zplResponse": "string"

Hi @suardim, you can programmatically create workflows including nodes, though I am not 100% sure where your snippet comes into play.

Workflows can be created (and updated) through the REST API for example: API reference - n8n Documentation

As for the exact payload to use, I reckon your best bet would be to build the workflow including your Set node once manually. Then take a look at the resulting workflow JSON data and use this as the basis for any new workflows including such a node.

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