CSV Date Parsing

Hi there - I’ve really been liking what n8n is capable of doing. One hiccup that I’ve run into is that when passing CSV data through the Spreadsheet File node, it is automatically converting all of my date strings into numeric values. Is there a way to override this behavior so that date strings come through as-is? E.g. my input cell contains something like “2019-11-04T06:00:00.000Z” which is coming out of the Spreadsheet File as “43773.25”. Currently I think I’ll have to resort to converting the numbers back to a date string in a later function within my workflow, which works but is a bit clunky. Thanks for any suggestions/ideas!

@cpenner461 Great to hear that you like n8n and welcome to the community! Sorry however that you have problems. I added now the option to read “RAW Data” which will be released with the next version. That should fix your problem.

@jan that looks perfect - thanks for such a quick response!

No problem! Happy if it helps!

Just released [email protected] with the above addition.
Happy new year 2020!