Customized error messages by node and workflow data

Hey there community!

Is there a way to act upon errors individually by node?

I would like to send different messages depending on the node the gives out the error, including sending some of the workflow’s data and use it to parametize the error handling.

For example: If I have a workflow that sends an email at the end, if there is an error during execution I would like to send the execution’s client an email to their inputed address with a meaningful message of why it failed.

There is probably a way and I just haven’t found it.


In settings, you can choose different error workflows on each workflow.

So Workflow 1 could be set to use Error Workflow A, Workflow 2 could be set to use Error Workflow B, etc.

Hey mmac, thanks for your answer.

I am aware you can set one error workflow per workflow, but can you send data (including which node gave the error) to the error workflow so that you can act within the context of the error?

Ah I misunderstood. Not sure about that, I’m sure someone more knowledgable will chime in.

It looks like it’s possible - the workflow with the error send data to the Error Workflow:

I just did a quick test and the data does pass through to whatever your error notification is (email, SMS, etc.).

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