Do subworkflows work fine at the third level or more?

currently, my workflow splits into 3 different responsibilities, I would like to separate these into sub workflows.

main-workflow calls the sub-workflow that calls another sub-workflow.

1st does it work?
2nd is cool?
3rd in your opinion, does it seem like a good way to organize responsibilities?

I use some workflows like modules so can end up with heavy nesting. No problems so far.

E.g. I have a workflow that handles a request and then calls another workflow that works with confluence. The confluence workflow then calls another workflow to update a page, inside that workflow if the page doesn’t exist it calls another workflow to create the page. So that’s 4 levels :man_shrugging:


I also do this for larger workflows or workflows that handle more data, I like using a lego style approach to things where I can just have a bunch of helpers I can plug in depending on what I need to do.

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Also before we had the $('node name').item smarts it was often necessary to split in batches and hand off to another workflow to prevent tying yourself in knots!

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thank you @pemontto.

just one more question, maybe you can inspire me. how do you organize the nomenclature of your workflows in your complex structures? so they don’t get their subworkflows lost in the workflows list.

  1. Pray :pray: that folders or some hierarchy gets added to the UI (and in execution view we can see the workflow call stack)
  2. Use tagging for trigger type, data type, product etc.
  3. Prepend the workflow name with a trigger emoji

As yet I haven’t found a great way of linking related workflows, other than giving them all a specific tag which is a bit cumbersome.


you rock, thank you.

I just wanted to add that there’s a few feature requests for folders or workflow grouping - you can find one here, with an additional comment sharing a few more: Ability to create folders in the workflow menu

Feel free to upvote! :+1:

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