Elasticsearch Node support [GOT CREATED]

It is very useful to implement elasticsearch node like MongoDB Node.
Like MongoDB the Elasticsearch node has “Credentials”, “Operation”, “Index” instead of collection and “JSON Query”.

I think that this may be doable with the normal HTTP Request endpoint since ES uses normal HTTP requests instead of a custom communication protocol. It would be interesting to have an ES trigger node.

Hey @Helithumper welcome to the community. Could please elaborate more about the specific use case you interested in. Thanks.

Add Item to ElasticSearch Index - Add JSON to ES index (This is basically a single HTTP request)
Create new ES Index - Ditto above
Trigger on new item in ES Index - Trigger on items added to ES (probably not possible)

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@Helithumper thanks very much for the clarification. This will be helpful when the node is developed to make sure it covers the use cases the community requested.

Is there any plan on elastic search node ? I needed that too. What I need is to query a keyword on an index. I think an elastic search node would be really useful as it is used a lot in many systems.

Ah yes, agree. Can you please upvote if you are interested. That helps us to decide on which nodes to work on.

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Elasticsearch Node got released with [email protected]