Error "Unable to sign without access token" whith OAuth2

I am trying to connect to an API through OAuth2. I think that the authentification process went through as I got the login page and get the “connected” banner.

Yet when I try to call the API I get an error stating that “Unable to sign without access token”.

I already tried to check with but the webhook doesn’t get the request.

Is there another way to get the data that is send by N8N ?

Please tell me if you need anything else to assess the situation
Thank you in advance for all the work done

Hi @Jujusticier, is a great starting point for inspecting your requests and would also show the token attached by n8n when using OAuth2-authenticated requests.

n8n’s logging itself is unfortunately somewhat limited, especially around OAuth2, so I am not aware of other ways to increase visibility here I am afraid (beyond simply throwing additional logging statements in the code and thus building a custom version of n8n).

When you mention doesn’t get the HTTP Requests you are making, are you sure you are using the right URL? These requests would have to go to your personal and unique URL:

When using this URL, requests are shown as expected for me in the UI and do include the Authorization header:

Thank you so much for the answer. When I use, I am able to see the request with no Oauth2 authentication, so I think the issue is with my specific Oauth login process.

My understanding is that it’s a two step process: first a GET call with these parameters (that generates a code) :

Then a post call with the code in the body to get the access token (which should be used in the header of subsequent calls as Authorization:“Access Token”)

Do you see any issue with this kind of Oauth process ?
I think my problem is in the POST call but I don’t know how to work around this…

Last question, do you think I will have more log information if I set my environment variable to verbose or debug ? (I am working on a digital ocean droplet with docker)

Ok I found the solution. If you are trying to connect to Qonto API : go look for the community node here Qonto node (especially if you are working in the sandbox) or put the authentication in Body not Header Issue with and OAuth2 callback
Now I am going to try to contribute to this node !! thank you for everything @MutedJam

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