"Execute Once Only" Feature Request [GOT CREATED]

@jan, in one of your replies, you mentioned that in a future release we would be able to set a node to execute only once. Any idea, more or less, when this will be available? At the moment I have fairly large workflows, with lots of return [items[0]]; nodes - this feature would really help a lot!

There is no ETA yet but I can try to prioritize it as it should not be to hard to program and I can see how helpful it would be.

Hey @go4cas ,

Could you set up an if statement that looks at an environment variable and if that variable is not set, it runs the node you want to execute only once and then sets the environment variable? Then, the next time the workflow runs, it will skip the “run once” node.

Just a thought…

“Execute once” feature got released with [email protected]