Execute Workflow - Executions History

Can’t seem to find Executions History for a workflow that ran from inside of a workflow (using Execute Workflow node)
without it, it is a bit difficult to see what went wrong with the “Sub Flow”

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If workflow executions get saved or not depends on the Workflow-Settings. That is independent if it runs directly or as sub-workflow.

So if you want that the executions get saved set the “Workflow Settings” (click on workflow-icon on the left side and the “Settings”) and set “Save Data Error Execution” and “Save Data Success Execution” to “Save”.


done (in the sub and parent flow), but for some reason i don’t see the execution of the “sub flow”, only of the parent flow…

Found it, it wasn’t logging on “Manual Run”.

thanks a lot!

Ah great to hear that the problem got solved!

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