Debug sub workflow

Get the debug experience on a sub-workflow after running a debug on a workflow that Executes it.

Currently, when a “Sub” workflow fails, it is really hard to debug it, because if open the sub-workflow and run it, i am missing data from the main workflow.

i was thinking that if pressing the execute workflow had a button to “Go To Workflow” and my last run data would have waited for me there is not idle but it will certainly be better then what we have now.

The execution of the Sub-Workflow should show up separately under “Past Executions”. At least if you save failed executions.

After I changed settings of workflow, manual - save, I see main workflow in the executions, but not sub workflow.

My bad, I also had to change settings of sub workflow, then its saved. I thought by changing settings, in main workflow, It would save all sub workflows in executions.