Execution ID for supervision purpose, a workaround?

I read that the execution-id is only generated when the WF has completed, exact ?
And there’s no way to get it a WF node
But it would be convenient, when the last node sends infos to teams for example, to push the link https://my-nodemation/executions/$id in them when an execution check must be done
And if I call a WF2 at the end of WF1, how can I get the $id of WF1 in WF2, since the previous one is terminated ?

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That is currently sadly not supported. Only maybe something hacky by querying the past execution with the internal n8n API.

Thanks jan, very pity, maybe you’ll get & lock this id at the start of the WF instead of at the end in a future release ? Even the global executions’ screen is not reachable via a direct link
It’s missing a lot imo …

Ah yes agree is not perfect. But everything has its trade-offs. The nice thing about the current design is that it makes it incredibly fast, efficient, and low on resources. It does not waste time and resources creating an unnecessary database entry unless it is really needed.

It has obviously also many disadvantages. Is for sure something we will improve in the future to also increase reliability and make n8n scale properly. We already actively started working on that.

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Just wanted to update you that there is already a PR that unifies the execution IDs. So the ID gets generated in the total beginning and will not change anymore:

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