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Hello everybody !

First of all, I’m extremely sorry about my poor english speaking.

I woul’d like to know, if there is a solution to obtain “extended tweet” with the Twitter node with the “search” function. Because I only obtain the first 140 characters (old school ! ).

I know I have to pass the argument “tweet_mode = extended” where the API is calling but…where ?

I use n8n on a Raspberry like with Ubuntu 20.04 arm64 on it and Docker container.

I hope you understand my question.

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Hey @Carnat89!

Welcome to the community :tada:

I am converting this to a feature request since this is currently not possible with the Twitter node. In the meantime, you can use the HTTP Request node to fetch the full text.

I just had a look, and it seems that the endpoint we are using to retrieve the tweets it’s deprecated. However, I cannot find the parameter tweet_mode in the new version of the endpoint. Can you share with me where you found that parameter? Thanks.

Thank you ! n8n is a very great discover. I think I’will be fine here !

Yes I’ve used the HTTP Request node and it’s working fine :slight_smile:


I don’t find the parameter tweet_mode in the V2 Twitter API. I don’t think it’s still exstisting. I suppose that the new version of the endpoint must return 280 characters. My automation task use the depracated version of the endpoint. I know…it’s a bad thing :cold_sweat: . I’m not familliar with n8n, and I will increese the version of the endoint (I’ll trying) in a neer futur. :slight_smile:

EDIT : I’ve just finished the migration to the new endpoint version. I can confirm that I always have the extended version of any Tweets without the parameter tweet_mode :slight_smile: → working fine !

n8n rocks ! I’m a happy man !

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