Form/Views in n8n

It is more of a dream. But I am a big fan of nocode.
A kind of formflow.
So a mixture of a workflow with forms or views.
These views can be integrated as nodes in the workflow.
In addition, they can be edited via a kind of form builder. (based on Microsoft Access)
But it should not only be limited as input but also serve as display.
Even there should be an additional url to these “Forms”.
Pages (if you want to split you data to multiple pages) (1-99999)
Navigation (a navbar, if you split some forms in seperated areas)
List (which allows to include further input elements)


The complicated thing is that the individual form elements can work together through a workflow.

Some links:

Another similar product feature would be tines Forms.
They basically act as a front end for webhooks and workflows.

Forms send data into stories [workflows], by posting it to a webhook action via a UI assembled from user-input fields. Each story [workflows] comes with a form builder to which a receiving webhook action can be attached. Once the form is ready for use, a public or private link can be shared with users. A public form is accessible to anyone who knows its public URL.

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Hi @lublak, thanks a lot for sharing the idea! I was actually thinking about something similar last when building a workflow serving an HTML form :smiley:

Just make sure to also vote for your own request to make it count.


Another similar feature with things like regular expression validation from Airplane which I recently discovered:

Hi @lublak you might want to check out Budibase’s new Public API. Perhaps it’s a way into combining Budibase and n8n. Budibase also has a REST API integration. The only thing that might be missing, is an automation app for n8n in budibase.


We use appsmith for it. Because it highly customisable. And you can do allot with it.
But it would be nice to have something like this directly in a workflow. As an example a multistep workflow. So you need some data from a form between nodes.
You get some data from nodes for a form but after filling in, you need to call some extra nodes (nested).
This would be easier directly in n8n.

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Another link i can add is: node-red-dashboard (node) - Node-RED
It is a library for node-red to add a dashboard function.

That can be done using Integromat integration?

FYI: I am currently designing a “Form Trigger” node to be released in future as a native n8n node. The first version will allow you to create a form with a variable number of form fields (Text and Date field types to start).

The trigger will then generate a Form URL that users can open, fill out, and this executes the workflow (making the data from their form submission available in the workflow). It’s smaller in scope than a full-on “pages builder” concept; but a good starting point nonetheless.


Lol. Could see n8n evolving into a fully fledged website builder.

Would be nice to have integrations to tally, typeform…to use them as frontends too if possible. But guess that’s possible with their respective nodes too

Hey @pooria,

You got it we have a typeform trigger node already, With Tally I did have a chat with them earlier this year and they didn’t have a public API available at the time. Using another form platform though would mean you wouldn’t need this feature :wink:


Wanted to give another update that the n8n form trigger is now live in version 1.12.0 :slight_smile:


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