Fresh new Baserow BATCH endpoints

It would help if there was a node for:

Baserow BATCH Endpoints

My use case:

Moving daily many csv/json arrays with a few thousand rows into baserow from external tools for archive & futher processing purposes.

Any resources to support this?

Basic Baserow CRUD node is present so this is an update for new endpoints.

Batch create ā†’ Baserow API spec
Batch update ā†’ Baserow API spec
Batch delete ā†’ Baserow API spec

Are you willing to work on this?

Iā€™m not a developer :frowning:

For the time being I will probably use the HTTP request node to do batch updates, but it would be super useful to be able to have this available/integrated. I love how the Baserow node already shows table name, etc compared to having to find a table ID to copy and paste like some other nodes.

Welcome to the n8n community!

Could you share the solution how you do batches in http request node?

This might be messy, but it worked for me.
I used a Set parameter to set the json so the field name match.
The I used the Split Items to actually Aggregate them into one Json array
And then I just posted to the API from the Baserow docs with batch enabled.

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To illustrate the difference this makes:

Inserting 106 rows via Baserow node (original) took approximately 30 seconds to complete
The same 106 rows via the batch insert took under 1 second to complete.

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