Ghost Trigger Question

Newbie question here,

I know that there is a Ghost trigger supported by n8n. I was wondering if there was a way to publish to ghost as well? aka. Is that an input ingestion of data or output ?

My flow that I’d like to create is an RSS even trigger and based on the data I’d like to generate a post based on the RSS event.

Is that doable with n8n?

Hi @csgeek,

Looks like you can create a post in Ghost.

I think you would need to use the Cron node to set up a polling schedule then follow it up with an RSS read, filter out what you don’t want then use the ghost node to make your post.

There could be other ways to do this but hope this helps you get started :+1:


Hey @csgeek!

How is it going?

Were you able to create the workflow and get your automation up and running? Let us know if you still have questions :slight_smile: